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Geospatial Revolution SAR

Geospatial Revolution SAR



Andres Castillo

Andres has 20 years of experience leading the conception of projects related to GIS and remote sensing technologies in Latin America, in a broad range of applications, including government, intelligence and defense, retail, agriculture and environment among others.


Andres Castillo, is a civil engineer specialized in Information

Systems with an MBA degree from Los Andes University, and a PMI certification.


He works as the Capella director for Latin America, on charge of the business development strategy of sub-metric radar satellite imagery products and associated services in the region.


Oriol Monserrat

Oriol has a doctorate in aerospace science and technology from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and a degree in mathematics from the University of Barcelona. In 2003 he began to work as a researcher in the Active Remote Sensing Unit of the Geomatics Institute. Since January 2014 he has worked as Head of the Remote Sensing Department of the Geomatics Division at the Telecommunications Technology Center of Catalonia and as Director of the Geomatics Division.


As a researcher, he is actively contributing to the PSI / DInSAR lines leading research activities and projects.


Diego Rojo

Diego is currently the Commercial Deputy Manager of Gesecology Group Limitada and has more than 10 years of experience in the commercial and marketing area.


It has commercialized various remote sensing technologies in Chile and has experience in both optical and radar satellite images.


Today, he is in charge of the commercialization of Capella Space's high resolution radar images in Chile and the development of new products and services as a strategic partner of Capella.

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